Chris Pratt: the New Indiana Jones

Eric McLaughlin

Indiana Jones (Williams 1993)

Chris Pratt has become a famous actor over the past year. He shined as Star-Lord in the movie, “Guardians of the Galaxy” where he was a comedic but courageous super hero. Pratt has also been in the television show “Parks and Recreation” where he also displays his funny and dry sense of humor.

Harrison Ford made the Indiana Jones series famous in the first movie ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ in 1981. The movie was nominated for nine Academy Awards and made many fans want to get more of it. There has since been three sequels, receiving mixed receptions by Indiana Jones fans.

Ford seemed to be a perfect Indiana Jones. He was smart, courageous, and strong and he looked like he would be capable of doing the incredible actions of Dr. Jones. Now, Ford has aged and cannot believably play the action hero. Pratt, similar to what Ford used to be, will be smart, courageous, and strong as the new “Indy”.

Patrick Keenan ‘18, a huge Indiana Jones fan, thinks that Pratt will do a good job in his new role. “He was really good in Guardians of the Galaxy and is also a funny actor,” said Keenan.

Pratt is expected to also throw in some of his humor to the new role. This will be another important facet to Indiana Jones and will possibly add a change in the way he acts.

There are very high expectations for Pratt and the newest Indiana Jones film, and many are expecting it to be a huge success. According to Keenan, “If Pratt shows the same Indiana Jones that we know and love, it will be a great movie.”