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    Clinton email controversy still going strong

    The use of a private email and server during her tenure as Secretary of State has Republicans drooling

    On March 2, the New York Times revealed that Hillary Clinton used a personal email address rather than a government issued one.

    This has raised controversy, mainly due to the fact that this violates regulations imposed by the National Records and Archives Administration.

    By federal law, high-ranking officials must conduct all government business from a provided government email address. The only exception to this rule is in emergencies, when government email servers are down.

    Despite this, Clinton used her personal email address to send and receive email during her time as the Secretary of State.

    One problem this poses is that the server is open to security breaches. The server is kept on Clinton’s own residence. While Clinton claims that there are safeguards on the server and that it was guarded by the Secret Service, it may not match the security on a government-owned server.

    However, there may be non-malicious reasons as to why Clinton kept her email on her own server.

    “It could be for security, convenience, or reliability” Mr. Quinn says.

    Another problem is that this also allows for emails to be manipulated. It is possible for emails to be tampered or withheld from the server. Ordinarily, this problem wouldn’t exist on a government email server, as it is controlled by the National Archives. However, Clinton has control over her email server.

    Two days after The New York Times reported on this, Clinton promised to make her emails public. In a tweet sent out on March 4th, Clinton claims to have given the state department over 55,000 emails and asked for their release to the public.

    On Clinton’s chances at a 2016 presidential, Mrs. Lappas says “My first reaction is that this is going to kill her. The GOP and the GOP Pacs are going to go crazy. They are going to keep this email thing and Benghazi in the limelight throughout the whole campaign.”

    “On the other hand, she was the salvation of the democratic party. I don’t’ think they’re going to scramble to find someone in her place.” she remarks.

    Despite all of the media backlash that has resulted from this incident, Clinton attempts to place the news in a positive light. In a Washington Post interview, Clinton shows the benefits of a large release of emails.

    “ [The emails] will have an unprecedented insight into a high government official’s daily communications, which I think will be quite interesting.” she remarks.

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