The BFC Music Review

Colin Price

This month’s genre of choice: Tropickygo1al House

Tropical House is a genre that takes a spin on progressive house by slowing the song down and adding instruments that are not widely used in standard house songs. This genre was chosen because it adds variety to musical themes, and fits nicely with the seasonal transition into spring.

Artist to watch:
Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll is a norwegian DJ and producer who is commonly known as Kygo. He is most known for his remixes, and for making the genre tropical house popular. He has over eighty million views on Soundcloud and Youtube combined. His most well known song is a remix of the song “I See Fire” by Ed Sheeran. Kygo’s new song “Firestone” is a very chill song that starts out with a drum beat using snaps and bells. It incorporates a vocal by Conrad Sewell which adds a mysterious vibe on the song. Then, when the drop comes, it has Kygo’s own original drop sound that is heard in most of his songs. Kygo is very young and new to the industry. We expect great things from Kygo in the future

Song to Watch:
Let Her Go – Passenger (Kygo)
Kygo really takes it up a notch with this song and makes it his own. He adds instrumentals and a “chill” beat. Kygo muffles the vocals but also speeds them up for an extra effect to go with the beat. The vocal on this track really adds to the effect that Kygo is trying to portray. Kygo does a good job of keeping the theme of the original song, and putting his spin of tropical house on it.