Apple’s New iPhone 5

Dan McGlinn

It’s finally here. Meeting almost a full year of hype and anticipation, the iPhone 5 has arrived and it looks better than ever! It’s new design, incredible graphics, and innovative features help to make this the best iPhone yet.

Although pictures appear similar to the iPhone 4 S, a second look reveals some monumental changes. The main body of the phone is now aluminum instead of the previous glass, which caused many past cracks and chips. And not only is the body made of different material, it is a different shape. The new 4” diagonal screen (compared to the 3.5” of previous models) is supposed to fit comfortably into the palm of your hand. You know that feeling when you try to type with your thumb but it doesn’t quite reach the letters on the other side and you have to lift your other hand to get that letter? Well thanks to the taller, sleeker design that problem isn’t supposed to exist anymore. Also, the bigger screen means more things to see, update, and play. It may even be hard to detect that the phone is even in your hand at all because of how light it is, weighing in at a measly 112 grams. But not only is the phone 20% lighter, it’s 18% thinner as well. It truly is an engineering miracle to get so much into something so little (12% less volume).

The new LTE capabilities that Apple has installed are supposedly beyond fast. It is not only the fastest download speed, but Apple has worked to save battery life (8 hours browsing time) with the new A6 chip, used to have faster everything and be incredibly efficient in the process.

The most innovative updates for the iPhone 5 seem to be in Camera and Maps. The camera now can shoot panorama views of 240 degrees, for all those awe-inspiring Grand Canyon views or beach sunsets. The Maps application now can speak the directions to a location, with traffic updates and interactive 3D views of destinations.

Siri continues its (his/her) presence. But not only can it answer the basic questions, many new questions and responses have been added, such as “What was the score of the Phillies and Brewers game?”. Siri brings up a score report and says the score.

Everything you could ask of a phone and more is now contained in the brand new little gadget from Apple, the iPhone 5. All the features make for a great experience for what looks to be the best phone ever created. (Available for purchase: September 21, 2012)