Funniest Superbowl Commericals XLVI

Mike Sassano

Sunday’s Super Bowl was filled with great football and a lot of excitement, and of course the famous Super Bowl advertisements. Here are my top 10 funniest commercials from Sunday. In my opinion, the Sketchers commercial featuring the bulldog named Mr. Quiggly was the funniest. The Bud Light “Here Weego” Dog commercial was a very close second, as the dog would bring Bud Light to anyone who said “Here” before the dog’s name, “Weego.” Doritos also had not one but two hilarious advertisements that were a huge hit and have made my top 10. And as always, had a great commercial with a man working amongst monkeys, and that if this is your case, go onto and change that. See my entire top 10 list with YouTube links for each of the videos. Also check out the entire rankings from USA Today linked below. Please comment and leave your opinion on your favorite Super Bowl commercial.


    1. Sketchers: Go Run Dog
    2. .Bud Light: “Weego” Dog
    3. Doritos: Man’s Best Friend
    4. M&M’s: “Just My Shell”
    5. Doritos Sling Shot Baby6. Volkswagen: Dog Strike Back7. Chevy: Silverado Survives the Apocalypse
      8. Career Builder: Working With Monkeys9. Acura: Jerry Seinfeld10. Honda: CRV’s Day Out