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    Microsoft Finally Ditching Internet Explorer

    edited cartoon
    Illustration by Aaron Salinas ’16

    At the company’s annual symposium on March 17, Microsoft Convergence, it was announced that “Project Spartan” would begin. This project is going to produce a new rebranded and redesigned web browser.

    So what took Microsoft so long to modernize? Who knows, but it certainly is necessary. Although the logo with that “e” is iconic, the actual browser has basically already become phased out by the process of natural selection. The browser is not compatible with iOS and Android, a major reason why Internet Explorer will be going “bye-bye”.

    Browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox which are available on mobile devices have taken over. According to StatCounter, a web traffic analysis tool, Internet Explorer was the browser of choice for 95% of Internet users in 2003. In 2010, when competition arrived and people began to use multiple platforms Internet Explorer dropped to below 50%. Internet Explorer was utilized by only 13% of internet users in February 2015 .

    In an informal poll of Malvern students, 90% of the participants said they use Chrome and 10% said they use Safari. When asked about Internet Explorer being phased out, zero of the participants showed concern.

    Junior Aaron Salinas explained the collapse, “Internet Explorer’s functions have been enhanced and surpassed by other web browsers, and it doesn’t stand out anymore.” Chrome and Safari offer users the ability to easily transfer settings across all platforms. Rob DiCicco ‘16 said he prefers Chrome because it is “more user friendly.”

    Teenagers are showing little interest in Microsoft’s developments, while many are in tune with what Apple, Samsung, and Google are developing. Project Spartan must be a significant improvement for Microsoft. A smart phone compatible browser will not get the job done. Microsoft will continue to stay out of touch with our younger population if they do not have some sort of impressive innovation.

    To put this whole situation into terms we can understand let’s cast Bill Gates and Microsoft as Pitbull aka Mr. 305. Yes, Pitbull has been incredibly popular in the past. He’s had multiple hits that everyone has loved. We spent a whole summer jamming to “Give Me Everything Tonight”. However, Pitbull has not adapted to the times. He has not done what he needed to, as the kids say, stay hip.

    So, Bill Gates – Don’t be Pitbull.
    And, Pitbull – Please provide us with better music.

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