A Brief History of Slime

Ted Holleran

It’s been called everything from the “greatest unblocked game at Malvern” to the greatest game of the 21st century.

Slime Soccer Screenshot

From its humble grassroots origin as a Robotics homeroom staple, to a campus-wide phenomenon, Super Slime Soccer has found its way into the hearts of hundreds, with no end in sight. The story of Super Slime Soccer is one of success, full of hardships, eternal rivalries, and incredible victories. Who knows how far Super Slime Soccer will go in its success and popularity, but there is one thing certain: Slime is here to stay.
It all started as the brain-child of a certain Jens Møllerhøj. We got in touch with the benevolent creator for an inside scoop of the genesis of the game, inside secrets, and other games to come.
Where did you grow up and what is your background? What is your education and how did you get into programming?
I grew up, and still live in, Copenhagen, Denmark. It’s a great city to live in – it’s characterized by having biking lanes everywhere, a lot of happy Danes (smiling). I’m currently taking a master degree in computer science at the University of Copenhagen. I got into programming because I wanted to make games. Super Slime Soccer was my big hobby project in high school.
Have you made any games other than Super Slime Soccer?
I’ve made a lot of games. About 40 is my best guess. But unfortunately, they were very low quality, and I haven’t saved them.
What inspired you to create Super Slime Soccer? Have you played the original?
Yes I’ve played the original. My friends and I had so much fun with it, I figured I would try to extend the experience.
How do you feel that Super Slime Soccer is our school’s game of choice?
That’s awesome – I wish more people played my game. Sometimes people contact me and tell me that they like the game, that’s really nice.
What is your favorite slime?
I really like the Bomb Slime. I didn’t really know what I wanted when I started making it, but I like how it turned out.
Now, at our school we have an organization called the Federation of Slime. They are in charge of monitoring official slime games and tournaments. As part of Federation rules, some slimes are deemed overpowered and therefore are off the table for official competitions. These slimes include and are limited to Cosmos Slime and Fisher Slime. What is your opinion on the banning of these slimes from official games?
That’s a good idea. I would properly ban the Monk Slime too [Monk Slime is presently pseudo-banned by the Federation of Slime, yet many players are lobbying for its complete ban]. Balancing the slimes has been very hard, and some of them could need some work. Why not just make people choose a random slime? That would be more fair (smiling).
What can you tell us about the hidden slimes? These are the slimes that are found in the code, but not available for play. The ones we have found are Murder Slime, Cowboy Slime, and Diver Slime. Are there any others? What happened to them? What were their powers going to be? Will they be available for play in the future?
(Laughs) Those were some Slimes that I planned on making, but never got around to.
What can you tell us about the cheat settings in the options that appear to have no effect?
I also wanted to make some cheats, but I guess I forgot.

Will there be any updates to the game in the future?
Maybe, I don’t know if I would bother. I guess I would rather make some new games. If you guys send me a list of prioritized things you would like to have changed, I guess I could look into it (smiles).
Is there anything that you would like to say to the student body of Malvern Preparatory School or the Federation themselves?
You guys are awesome, keep playing and have fun.
In the words of Chris Abbott ‘16, ”Slime is Brotherhood”.