Artist of the Issue: Pat Sayers ‘18


P. Sayers / J. Magargee

Jimmy Faunce

Freshman musician shows his love for the “sax”

P. Sayers / J. Magargee
P. Sayers / J. Magargee

What gives jazz that groovy feel? Answer: Saxophones. Pat Sayers, Class of 2018, is a member of the jazz ensemble who’s been making moves with his brass beauty his first year at Malvern.
What do you do?
I play alto saxophone.
Why did you start?
I thought the sax was really interesting, so I decided to play.
When did you start?
I started around 4th grade.
Who first taught you?
My dad first taught me the basics.
Do you just play at Malvern? If not, where else?
I currently play exclusively in the Malvern jazz ensemble, next year I will be playing in jazz improv.
What do you do to get better?
I practice.
Why do you continue to do it?
I enjoy playing, the feel of playing a line perfectly is not comparable to anything else.
What are aspiring to do with your saxophone after Malvern?
I’m not sure, I have thought about playing professionally, if my skills improve enough.

Pat has made an excellent musical impression for a freshman. As for next year, being a sophomore in jazz improv is a big deal. Alto sax is an all but too common position and Pat has set himself aside as a stand out musician. He has impressed many with his talent with the saxophone and his personality without it.