Artist of the Issue: Nick Elia ’16


James Canuso

Nick Elia has actively participated in the Arts program here at Malvern Prep since he came here in 6th grade.

Jimmy Canuso (JC): How long have you been at Malvern?
Nick Elia (NE): I’ve been at Malvern since 6th grade.

JC: What’s your favorite thing about Malvern?
NE: Probably the music and arts program here. It’s a great way to use my creative energy. I’ve even started playing the vibes, just to try something new.

JC: What Instrument do you play?
NE: I mainly play the drums. I play in the Honors Jazz Improv band.

JC: What made you want to play the drums?
NE: Well I started out in grade school playing the saxophone and the bass, but both of those instruments broke, so I decided to start playing the drums. I got a teacher, and I took some lessons, and here I am.

JC: What do you plan to do with drums in the future?

NE: I plan to play in a jazz group in college if I can. And then maybe eventually form a group and start playing gigs around wherever I end up.

JC: Is there any specific type of music you like to play?
NE: I like rock, but I’ll do anything from jazz to latin.

JC: Are there any specific colleges you want to go to and play music?
NE: Yes. My top choice right now is Northeastern, and they have a good music program there.

JC: How do you feel about being artist of the issue?
NE: I think that I was a good choice because I contribute a lot to the music program.

JC: What other things do you do for the Malvern arts program?
NE: I also participate in MTS. We’re doing a show right now, It’s a Wonderful Life. I was casted as Uncle Billy, and it’s a big responsibility but I think I can handle it.