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    What You Missed – Nov. 2-9, 2016


    Another big week, another installment.

    [toggle title=”Ben Carson comes under scrutiny over past” state=”close”]

    Presidential candidate Ben Carson has decried a “political hit job” as the media looks more into the personal life of the retired neurosurgeon turned presidential candidate.

    The flurry of media questioning began Friday when Politico published a story stating that Carson had “fabricated” a story of being offered a scholarship to West Point by General William Westmoreland.

    Politico, which originally ran the story with the headline “Carson admits fabricating West Point scholarship”, has since changed it to “Exclusive: Carson claimed West Point ‘scholarship’ but never applied”.

    This is not the only aspect of Carson’s past being looked at, as Carson’s claims of beating his mother and almost stabbing a friend has faced similar controversy, which led to a combative interview with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota Friday.


    [toggle title=”Russia bans all flights to Egypt” state=”close”]

    Russian President Vladimir Putin banned all Russian flights to Egypt on Friday, after a jet crashed in the Sinai Peninsula last week.

    The crash last week killed all 224 passengers and crew, and the terrorist group ISIS has claimed responsibility for the crash, leading to investigations from not only Russia, but also the United States and United Kingdom.

    Investigators have said that they are now “90 percent sure” that a bomb explosion took down the plane, citing a loud bang heard in the black box recording of the flight.

    Despite the stance taken by Western intelligence sources, Egypt has said that it is “too early to tell” what really took down the plane.


    [toggle title=”University of Missouri President resigns after football player strike” state=”close”]

    University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe resigned Monday after black members of the football team went on strike, saying they wouldn’t play football until the Wolfe resigned over alleged inaction against racism on campus.

    The athletic department of the University was supportive of the players’ decision, and the head coach of Missouri’s football team tweeted in support of the protest, saying that “The Mizzou family stands as one”, and “We are all united.”

    This is the latest development in a year of racial tension on campus, including a protest during homecoming and racial slurs directed against black students.


    [toggle title=”Netanyahu and Obama meet, discuss foreign aid, Palestine” state=”close”]

    In their first meeting since the Iran nuclear deal, President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met Monday to discuss a new foreign aid agreement.

    Before the meeting, the Israelis had asked for a $3.1 billion a year increase in current foreign aid, totaling over $5 billion in aid sent to Israel.

    The main topic of the meeting was Israel’s relations with Palestine, in the wake of increased violence between Israelis and Palestinians in recent weeks. Both President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu have not given up on peace in the region.

    Although there were tensions between Israel and the United States over the Iran nuclear deal, both the President and Prime Minister agreed that this meeting eased those tensions.


    [toggle title= “Myanmar holds first free elections in 25 years” state=”close”]

    Citizens of Myanmar, a nation in East Asia, went to the polls for the first time in a generation to select their Parliament Sunday.

    Early results Monday indicate a strong showing for the National League of Democracy (NLD) Party, the lead opposition to the Union Solidarity and Development Party.

    Myanmar has been ruled by former general Thein Sein, who has overseen many political reforms in his four years in power, including freeing political prisoners and healing wounds with ethnic minorities.

    If the military allows the NLD to take power, it will be the first democratically elected government since the 1960s.


    We will be off next week while we are at the National High School Journalism Conference in Orlando, Florida.  What You Missed will return the weekend before Thanksgiving.


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