What You Missed – Nov. 9-16


News Staff

If you managed to stay away from the television this week, these are the stories that dominated the news cycle.


[toggle title=”Terror attacks in Paris kill 129, wound 352″ state=”close”]

Coordinated terror attacks in various low-security locations across Paris Friday killed 129 people, and wounded 352 in Europe’s worst terror attack since the 2004 Madrid bombings in Spain.

Terrorists stormed restaurants, a concert hall, and the stadium for the French National Football Team, armed with assault rifles and bomb vests.

In the Bataclan Concert Hall, 89 people were killed when shooters stormed a concert by American rock band The Eagles of Death Metal, and was the site of a violent hostage situation.

In the wake of the attack, French President Francois Hollande has called for amendments to the French constitution to better fight ISIS, which has claimed responsibility for the attacks.


[toggle title=”Suicide bombings in Lebanon kill 41, wound more than 200″ state=”close”]

Two suicide bombers killed over 40 people Friday in a neighborhood of Beirut, Lebanon which is seen as a stronghold for the Islamist group Hezbollah, which controls security in the neighborhood.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack, and there were unconfirmed reports of a third and fourth suicide bomber, according to the Independent.

Coverage of the bombing has been muted compared to the Paris attacks, which had Facebook and other social media platforms allow users to emblazon the French tricolor over their profile pictures.

This lopsided coverage in the media was criticized, leading Facebook to eventually allow users to select any nation’s flag that has been affected by ISIS attacks.


[toggle title=”US Governors move to ban Syrian refugees” state=”close”]

In the wake of the Paris terror attacks, governors in over 31 US states have either denied any Syrian refugees or are calling for more security screening of the refugees.

The states currently denying Syrian refugees include states such as Texas, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Massachusetts.

Of the 31 states, one of the Governors are Republican, following findings by French authorities that one of the terrorists in the Paris terror attacks came into France in the current wave of refugees from Syria.

While governors have requested a halt of refugee resettlement in their state, there is little they can do to stop the flow, as the process is overseen by the State Department, according to the Washington Post.


[toggle title=”Clinton ‘wins’ third Democratic Debate on CBS” state=”close”]

In the third Democratic Debate, hosted by CBS on Saturday, Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Martin O’Malley discussed the Paris terror attacks, income inequality, and gun control.

In a post-debate poll by CBS, Clinton won on gun control, polling 43 percent to Sanders’s 36, but Sanders and Clinton were even on jobs and the economy, and Sanders polled far better than Clinton on income inequality.

O’Malley lagged far behind both Sanders and Clinton in the same poll.

The debate, which aired on a Saturday night, had over 8.5 million viewers tune in, netting criticism for the Democratic National Committee, as ratings were lower than previous Democratic debates, and far lower than Republican debates.


[toggle title=”Putin, Obama reach agreement on Syrian opposition” state=”close”]

In a G20 summit meeting on Sunday, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia and the United States have reached an agreement on the need for a “Syrian-led and Syrian-owned political transition”.

The agreement came after the horrors of Friday’s terror attacks in Paris, Beirut and Baghdad, killing hundreds and Russian confirmation that the plane that went down in the Sinai peninsula in Egypt last month was in fact taken down by a bomb.

This is a departure from an interview on Friday in which Putin said that Russia had “no right” to ask Assad to leave.

This statement from Putin comes days before a conference in Vienna between the West, Syria, Russia, and Arab states to discuss the political future of Syria, and places more pressure on embattled President Bashar Al-Assad to leave office.