Trailer Review: 2oolander

Jack Magargee

Thoughts on the trailer for the highly anticipated sequel to Zoolander.

“La Tigra, Magnum, and of course, Blue Steel.” That’s about all you need to hear.

Derek Zoolander is back and the trailer for his sequel has just been released. With reprisals of Derek and Hansel, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson will be returning as male models in the 2016 film. Also with two new additions that will be welcome are Penélope Cruz, an Interpol agent, and Kristen Wiig, a fellow model, the cast is growing with some heavy hitting names.

The trailer hints at the movie’s plot. It starts with a runway scene that implies Derek and Hansel are nothing but two washed up “pretty boys” and an Interpol agent seeking help to find a killer who is going after the ‘world’s most beautiful people.’ The end of the trailer is what really makes it worth watching. The dramatic introduction of Jacobim Mugatu, the most diabolical designer, is sure to summon up a good healthy dose of nostalgia.

This trailer has done its job well, I want to see this movie very badly. It is a great blend of comedic elements and character highlights that gives you a taste of what is shaping up to be a must-see sequel to a criminally underrated comedy classic.

One final note, watch the first movie before watching the trailer in order to understand what appears to be some very corny one-liners. Over all, I give it a 4.5/5 solely due to the lack of Maury Ballstein.