BFC Music Review: Purpose – Justin Bieber

Matt Pichola

A surprisingly new and different Bieber that I may have actually enjoyed?

To start, I am not a huge Justin Bieber fan and I never was. After the release of Bieber’s new album Purpose I decided to give him a chance after all of the good things I heard about the album.
After downloading the album and listening to it for a couple days I decided I actually enjoyed it. I was always more of a hip-hop/rap kind of person but I really liked this album.

Already earning itself a top spot on the “Billboard 200” list of most popular albums, and crushing a record previously held by The Beatles, it can be concluded that Bieber’s new album has been a major hit around the world. Purpose, which was released in early November through Def Jam Records, is Bieber’s fourth studio album. In the first week of sales, Bieber’s album sold up to 522,000 copies which gave Bieber his sixth number one album in the United States.

Bieber’s new album is a mix of R&B and EDM music. Although never a huge R&B guy, or again, a Justin Bieber guy, I’ve enjoyed him and his music a lot more than I had in the past.

This album has some more upbeat songs like “What Do You Mean?” and “The Feeling feat. Halsey”. But to go along with the upbeat songs, there are also some slower songs that include some meaningful lyrics like “Mark My Words” and “Love Yourself”.

The album begins with the song “Mark My Words” in which Bieber sings about how he is promising to prove that he deserves the love from his ex. He sings, “But I won’t let me lose you, And I won’t let us just fade away” explaining how he does not want him and his ex to end. He is not going to let himself lose her.

Bieber’s Purpose album is mainly about his ex girlfriend. Most, if not all songs on Purpose, are, in some form or way, about her.

He finishes off the album with a song about chasing whatever one may need and, or want to chase and doing whatever you love.

He also sings about his love for God which shows up in a few other songs as well.

The amount I ended up enjoying this album actually really surprised me because I truly had no intent to listen to the album before I heard what other people were saying.

Although it may not be incredibly original to rap about your relationship struggles, the lyrics and the vibe of the music in this album were pleasing. We know he is singing about something that’s meaningful to him rather than something like some other rappers tend to rap about – money, drugs, and crime.

Purpose definitely deserves its spot on the “Billboard 200” list and all the praise it has been receiving.