What You Missed – Feb. 1-8, 2016


News Staff

The Super Bowl was Sunday, making it easy for just about every other news story to fall under the radar. Here are some of those stories:

[toggle title=”Christie strikes, Rubio stumbles in GOP Debate” state=”close”]

In the eighth Republican presidential debate hosted by ABC, issues such as immigration and abortion were discussed, but all eyes were on Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

Seen by many in the party as the best pick of the moderates, Rubio was called out by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for being too rehearsed, giving “rehearsed 25-second speeches” after “false attacks.”

Christie also went after Rubio’s record in the Senate, calling one of Rubio’s accomplishments, the sanctioning the terror group Hezbollah, as “truancy” as he was absent from the vote.


[toggle title=”Canada to end ISIS airstrikes” state=”close”]

In a press conference Monday, the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will end all Canadian airstrikes against ISIS by Feb. 22.

The Liberal Prime Minister had campaigned on withdrawing from military action in Iraq and Syria, but is raising the amount of Canadian troops in the region to “advise and assist” for forces in northern Iraq.

Canada deployed six fighter jets to contribute to coalition airstrikes, but with the new focus, Canada will spend more than $1.6 billion over the next three years.


[toggle title=”PA Senate to vote to remove Attorney General from office” state=”close”]

The Pennsylvania State Senate scheduled a vote on Wednesday to remove embattled Democrat Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

Kane, who is caught in a scandal of leaking grand jury material and lying under oath, has maintained that she is the victim after being charged criminally and having her law license revoked.

Three Democrats will have to vote with the 30 Republicans in the Senate for the vote to pass, and the decision to remove her to fall on the desk of Governor Tom Wolf, also a Democrat.


[toggle title=”Cosby sexual assault case to proceed” state=”close”]

Comedian Bill Cosby, who has been accused of sexually assaulting dozens of women for years, will now stand trial for the assault after a ruling on Wednesday.

Cosby, 78, has been accused of assaulting over 50 different women, but the charges brought forth by Andrea Costand will go to court, after Cosby allegedly assaulted her in 2004.

The judge rejected the arguments from Cosby’s lawyers that Cosby was immune due to a deal made between him and the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office, a claim the current District Attorney said was not binding.