What You Missed – Mar. 21-Apr. 4, 2016


News Staff

Now that you’ve cleaned out your Easter basket and have gone back to school, here’s what you missed.

[toggle title=”71 killed, 200 wounded in Easter Sunday bombing in Pakistan” state=”close”]

A blast in a fairground in Lahore, Pakistan, killed over 70 and wounded over 200, most of them Christians on Easter Sunday. A faction of the Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack.

This is not the first time Christians in Lahore were targeted by the Taliban, as 14 people were killed in blasts at two churches last year.

In response to the attack, the Pakistani government has begun a crackdown on all Islamist militant groups in the province of Punjab, of which Lahore is the capital.


[toggle title=”Sanders sweeps western states in latest primaries” state=”close”]

In the latest Democratic primaries on Saturday, March 26, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders beat front runner Hillary Clinton in contests in Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii by large margins.

The three victories have reinvigorated Sanders’ campaign, which is now less than 300 pledged delegates behind the former Secretary of State. The next primary is in Wisconsin, which has 86 delegates to give away.

Sanders also got a boost last Saturday when he won the county level caucuses in Nevada, effectively taking two of Clinton’s pledged delegates due to some delegates not showing up.


[toggle title=”PA House to vote on abortion limits” state=”close”]

The PA House of Representatives will vote on Monday to restrict non-medically necessary abortions from the current limit of 24 weeks to 20, as well as a particular form of abortion.

PA House Bill 1948 aims to restrict “dilation and evacuation” abortions, defined in the bill as “dismemberment abortions”, which accounts for over 40% of abortions performed after the fourth month of pregnancy.

Critics of the bill have said that cosponsors of the bill, which number over 100 including some Democrats, is being rushed through the House, and a spokesperson for Governor Tom Wolf said he would veto the legislation.


[toggle title=”Amtrak derailment leaves two dead, 35 injured” state=”close”]

An Amtrak train traveling from New York to Georgia carrying almost 350 passengers and crew derailed Sunday morning when it struck a backhoe and derailed near Chester, leaving two dead and 35 injured.

Investigators gave little to reporters at the scene of the crash, saying that they will look into what was asked.

Amtrak shut down the Northeast Corridor between Philadelphia and Wilmington, Delaware until about 2:30 P.M., where it reopened for limited service. The crash comes almost a year after a crash in the Northeast Corridor near Philadelphia left 8 dead and hundreds injured.