What You Missed – April 4-11, 2016


News Staff

So Villanova won the NCAA Finals. and it took over your week. No problem, we got you covered.

[toggle title=”Suspicion over alleged defection of North Korean official” state=”close”]

South Korean government spokesmen stated that reports of a North Korean senior officer defecting were accurate on Monday, but have declined to comment further on the matter.

The officer was part of the North Korean General Reconnaissance General Bureau, and is the most senior official to ever defect to the South, according to South Korean media.

However, there has been suspicion about the report, as Yonhap, the original source of the report and close to the government, released the report close to an election and cited only an anonymous source. Past stories of defections from the North have also been discredited.


[toggle title=”California law expands paid family leave” state=”close”]

California Governor Jerry Brown signed a law Monday that expanded benefits for workers taking time off work to care for their families.

Brown cited a growing level of income inequality as one of the reasons he signed the bill, saying that it “is not an abstraction.”

Workers who now take time off for family reasons will be entitled to 60 percent of their wages, and workers who earn less than $20,000 annually will be entitled to 70 percent of their wages.


[toggle title=”Medical marijuana bill expected to pass Senate this week” state=”close”]

Lawmakers in the Senate made moves Monday to finalize a bill to legalize medical marijuana in Pennsylvania, which stalled last month when it reached the Senate.

The Senate, which is controlled by Republicans, hope to have the bill on the desk of Governor Tom Wolf this week, which will begin a two year process to have Pennsylvania join 23 other states in legalizing medical marijuana.

The bill passed the Republican-controlled House on March 16 in a 143-43 vote, and passed the Senate Rules and Executive Nomination Committee 16-1 on Monday.


[toggle title=”Flyers founder Ed Snider dies at 83″ state=”close”]

Philadelphia Flyers Founder and Chairman Ed Snider died Monday at the 83 at his home in California to bladder cancer.

Snider, who had no experience in hockey before founding the Flyers, had a philosophy of outspending other teams to get better players due to the team’s large revenue streams. That strategy however has now shifted to working with younger players under current general manager Ron Hextall.

Snider founded the Flyers in the early 1960s, at a time when hockey was not popular in the Philadelphia area and past professional hockey teams had failed in Philadelphia.