What You Missed – April 25-May 2, 2016


News Staff

While you were watching the NFL draft, here’s what you missed.

[toggle title=”Protesters storm Iraqi Parliament” state=”close”]

A protest on Saturday by followers of popular Shia cleric Muqtadr al-Sadr in front of the Iraqi Parliament in Baghdad took a violent turn as protesters entered an off-limits area and held the government hostage into Sunday.

The “Green Zone”, which houses a UN compound and international embassies, including the US Embassy, was the home of up to 5,000 protesters. The Green Zone was ransacked, but no protesters or security forces were killed.

Sadr, who sparked the protests with a speech on Saturday, has criticized the makeup of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s cabinet, calling for the removal of “political cronies” and having technocrats replace them.


[toggle title=”Puerto Rico to default on multi million debt payment” state=”close”]

Alejandro Garcia Padilla, the governor of Puerto Rico, announced Sunday that Puerto Rico will default and will not pay a debt payment of $422 million, due by the end of business on Monday.

The island has been racked with a $71 billion bond debt and $44 billion pension shortfall, and has refused the demands of creditors and analyzers to cut social services to be able to pay back its debts.

Congress has done little to aid Puerto Rico, as House Speaker Paul Ryan had pledged to have a solution by March 31, but draft legislation has been held up in the House Natural Resources Committee.


[toggle title=”Gas explosion leaves one injured in western Pennsylvania” state=”close”]

A natural gas pipeline exploded in western Pennsylvania on Friday, which left one person injured, destroyed one house several hundred feet away and damaged three others.

The resulting fire was brought under control within an hour, and the state Department of Environmental Protection evacuated homes within a quarter mile of the site.

The pipeline was owned by Spectra Energy Corp., a Texas-based company. The explosion is being used by politicians in Massachusetts to oppose a project by Spectra to run a pipeline through West Roxbury, a part of Boston.


[toggle title=”Chaka Fattah first incumbent to lose primary challenge in 2016″ state=”close”]

Chaka Fattah, a fixture in Philadelphia politics since the 1990s, lost a primary challenge to state representative Dwight Evans on Tuesday, becoming the first incumbent politician to lose a primary challenge in this election cycle.

Fattah has been accused of misusing taxpayer, charity, and campaign funds to pay back a $600,000 debt to a wealthy donor for his failed bid to become mayor of Philadelphia in 2007, which he has steadfastly denied.

This was Fattah’s first primary challenge, who won reelection 2008 with over 88 percent of the vote in Pennsylvania’s second congressional district.