The Other Friar’s Lantern

Matt Lanetti

Over the past year, the staff of The Friar’s Lantern here at Malvern have been asked several times about our online domain address. If you have ever typed .com instead of .org when trying to reach our site, you know exactly what I’m talking about. We soon discovered after the creation of that there is another website called Friar’s Lantern “Dot Com” that has a very different theme. You can go and check the site out for yourself, but those that want my description of it can stay put and keep reading. is an online database of photos of ghosts, UFOs, and other paranormal anomalies. Let me tell you, it is exactly what you are thinking. Complete with questionable, low resolution, grainy photographs of flying saucers, our domain family member is just about the farthest thing from Malvern Prep as it gets. As the website explicitly states it does not allow the copying or imitation of any of its content, we can’t give our readers an example. It has been interesting though whenever a reader will tell me his/her opinion of the new website design and general theme. In the countless centuries yet to be of The Friar’s Lantern, our domain family may grow to include not just .com and .org, but also .net,, and maybe even .gov. We welcome with open arms any new websites that wish to join. Until then, I guess it’s just a paranormal photo gallery and a school blog.