Kid President

Dan McGlinn

12,294,390. That’s how many times people have viewed “A Pep Talk from Kid President to You“….since January 24, 2013. I don’t know about any of your videos, but mine don’t have that much, yet alone that much in their first month and a half. So what is the secret to his success? After all, he is only about a nine-year-old kid. After watching his pep talk (which I recommend for anyone, especially if you need to feel inspired to do something) I wanted to know a little more about this kid, and I couldn’t ever have expected what I found.

Twenty seconds is all it took to remove my theory that the Pep Talk is scripted. He has too much energy, I thought, there’s no way that he can be like that in real life. Well, I was wrong. Twenty seconds of his “True Story” video changed that. He’s a unique kid with a unique story.

First, his name is Robby Novak. He has a disease called osteogenesis imperfecta, which basically means, as he says, “he breaks easy”, and has broken over 70 bones because of it. He and his brother-in-law, Brad Montague, have always done crazy stuff, but, “this is their craziest”. They appear to be quite a duo – laughing, dancing, filming, and spending time together, and that’s exactly how the videos are filmed: the two of them being themselves and cutting the footage later.

The best part of their story is where the videos originated, and their eventual goal. The first video was made simply for friends and family. To say the least, it quickly spread. Soon he was creating advertisements, and eventually was sponsored by Soul Pancake. The goal of these videos has nothing to do with fame or money.  Instead, the creators aim to simply make the world a better place and help people.

As Kid President says, “I had a dream that we can make the world better, but not [by] doing bad stuff and not being famous. We just need to be cool and make the world better. I had a dream that everybody can be nice.” Yes, there are still genuine people with good stories and motives out in the world.

It’s truly an inspirational and refreshing story. Since, Kid President has been asked by President Obama to create an ad for the Presidential Easter Egg Hunt and has appeared live on CNN. He is trying to change the world.

So a question for you: What will you do to give the world a reason to dance?