Radio 104.5 Summer Concerts

Billy Bevevino

For most teenagers in our area, going to a Radio 104.5 Block Party is one of the best deals around. During the summer months and usually once in the winter, Radio 104.5 offers free day concerts.

The concert itself is consistently a great time. People are crowd surfing, tenants from the surrounding apartments are throwing water balloons from their windows and everyone is into the music. The feel is laid back and similiar to a festival. Even though thousands of people are going crazy in one of the worst parts of the city, everyone, well almost everyone, is just happy to be at a fun show.

Radio 104.5 has been able to consistently bring some of the best alternative acts to Philadelphia. Recent acts have included Imagine Dragons, Of Monsters and Men, and Grouplove. These acts don’t take the day off just because they are at a free concerts. The artists always play to the the audience and give it their all. You know when 10,000 people are singing Sail word for word with Awolnation’s frontman, Aaron Bruno or Safe and Sound with Ryan Merchant and Sebu Simonian of Capitol Cities that these acts are doing something right.

Next time you’re looking for something to do on Saturday, I would recommend checking out Radio 104.5’s website ( and seeing if there’s a Block Party happening. You definitely won’t regret going down to the Piazza at Schmidt’s and experiencing one of, if not the best, deals in town.