Movie Review: “Avengers: Endgame” (Warning: Spoilers Ahead)

Gavin Sidhu

“Avengers: Endgame” concludes the Infinity Saga remarkably strong. However, time travel yields many unresolved questions .

As the sophomore class and I walked into the theater, we had no idea what to suspect. The jaw-dropping conclusion of “Avengers: Infinity War” left most of the audience speculating on how the Avengers will undo the consequences of Thanos’s victory.

What did I think overall? I believe the film lived up to my expectations, setting aside some grievances that couldn’t have been fixed. There is usually that one week grace period in which someone thinks the movie was perfect, and I feel many people, including myself, fell within it.

I enjoyed the starting sequence, showing how the Avengers reacted to the loss against Thanos and their initial plan to bring everyone back. However, after the Avengers failed within the first twenty minutes of the movie, things started to go downhill. The Avengers have mostly broken up similarly to the outcome of “Captain America: Civil War.” We mostly hear banter about “moving on” and “forgetting the past,” but that is exactly what the audience doesn’t want to hear. Eventually, Ant-Man returns from the quantum realm and begins to play a major role due to his idea of time travel.

I believe time travel was both a blessing and curse to implement in the movie. On the upside, we got to relive major events in past MCU films. The Avengers’ interactions with significant characters in the past were well done and really struck a chord with long-time fans – something the filmmakers were longing to do. The aspect of time travel was also handled pretty well – changing something from the past doesn’t change your future; it just creates a new timeline.

The problem with time travel is that the Avengers used another reality’s infinity stones to save theirs. Regardless of whether Captain America returned the stones and Mjolnir, those realities are now going to turn out much differently than how the original’s did. For example, what happened to the reality Nebula traveled to now that Thanos is not there? What happens to Thor without Mjolnir? I just couldn’t believe the Avengers would possibly sacrifice another reality to save theirs; it seems too selfish of a play.

Other than that, I think the film ended the Infinity Saga spectacularly, especially with the concluding character arcs. Iron Man dies knowing the “endgame” he has been worrying about for a decade has been taken care of. Captain America is finally able to put down his shield and enjoy life. Thor goes from an arrogant god who seeks power to a selfless hero who seeks inner peace.

While the movie is certainly not a masterpiece, “Avengers: Endgame” was definitely a brilliant finale that pulled off feats none of us expected. The film was both life-affirming and devastating for long-term, fully invested Marvel fans.