Advanced Studio Art Students Visit Museum of Modern Art

Ricky Walsh

Ricky Walsh ’14

They say that New York City is the hub of the art scene in the United States.  This March, the Studio Art II-III-IV classes had the opportunity to see for themselves.

On Tuesday, March 26th, Mr. Talbot, Mr. Muntz and Ms. White arranged a trip to the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) for students to learn about modern art, abstraction and impressionism.  After the trip, we each created renditions of what we learned from the excursion.

Studio Art Students in NYC

During the week leading up to the trip, Mr. Talbot visited the studio to present his knowledge on impressionism and modern art. His interesting and intriguing artwork slideshow allowed for the students to give various forms of input, and to explore themes of impressionism and abstraction. All of the studio art students eat lunch during 6th period, and since we have class during 5th period, Mr. Talbot was kind enough to bring us all lunches so that we could spend two back-to-back periods in the studio.

Senior Mike Cenci noted, “I thought it was pretty cool because we had it after our week-long lesson of impressionism. The whole experience of the trip, as well as the everyday lessons, gave us insight to what modern art truly is.”

One of Malvern’s 2005 graduates,  Kyle Thurman, joined us for the week of instruction prior to the trip, as well as the trip itself. He was able to enlighten us on different paintings and images from both the week prior and some pictures at the museum. Also, we were able to meet Ray Warman, MP ‘66, who owns a law firm across the street from MOMA.

PJ Murphy, MP ’14, offered, “It was a great trip that helped us see art not just as visual recreations, but as representations through abstractism.”

Mr. Muntz, who teaches the Studio Art II-III-IV course, provided some input on his reflections about the experience. “As a high school Studio Arts instructor, one of the most difficult things to explain to a student is why abstraction is priceless.  This week of history and discussion with Christian Talbot and Kyle Thurman ‘05, finished off with a visit to Museum of Modern Art, was the perfect way to answer that question.”

Muntz noted, “It also helped to have 2 alumni with us.  Ray Warman ‘66, a great appreciator of the arts, turned out to be a fabulous guide for us at the museum.  Kyle, who was recently accepted to Bard College for his Master of Fine Art in Painting, gave great insight and interpretation about the work we saw that day.  It was such a fulfilling experience that my students are using what they observed to create a reflection project.

Ms. White, Director of the Arts, also shared her thoughts on this experience. “It would be great if we had every class like that [trip] because it was so amazing. For students to have exposure to this trip and a full week full of studying impressionism is an experience in itself.”

This day was a great oppotunity to go to what is considered to be the most prestigious modern art museum in the world. I now have much more knowledge about abstraction, impressionism, and modern art. Also, the art show is coming up and the studio art class has quite an assortment of impressive reflections on the MOMA trip.  We hope to see you there on May 1-2!