Today in Tech: Apple Watch

Michael Shaak

Apple Watch

Apple’s newest project, the Apple Watch, was released on April 24. Many eager fans’ pre-orders have already backed up to July.
It is projected to sell more in pre-orders than the Android Wear watch sold in all of 2014. Is the Watch really worth the wait and expensive price tag, anywhere between $349 and $17,000?

The Apple Watch will come in three different versions, the standard Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Sport, and the Apple Watch Edition. The Apple Watch Sport is the cheapest, starting at $349, followed by the Apple Watch starting at $549, and the Apple Watch Edition the most expensive ranging from $10,000 to $17,000. That expensive price tag gives you a special 24-karat case, and that’s it. For an extra $16,000, you get a special gold case, and a special charging box. This is the only Apple Watch that may not be worth the value.

The normal Apple Watch and the Apple Watch Sport are both sold at a pretty good value. They start at $349 and both work very well according to customer reviews. One advantage the Apple Watch has over the sport is its crystal sapphire screen, which is scratch resistant. They all run the same applications, operating system, and come in two different sized screens, which are 1.5 inches and 1.7 inches diagonally across.

It seems that the popularity will vary with different types of people.

Science teacher Mrs. Anna Geider Geider notes, “I do not plan on buying an Apple Watch. I certainly hope my husband doesn’t want one either. I have seen two or three students wearing them but I do not think they have gained popularity with teens yet.” Geider is concerned that technology is taking away from interpersonal interactions.

Freshman PJ Barker has one ordered an Apple Watch for his birthday, but will not be receiving it until June, since the pre-orders are backed up. He ordered the 1.7 inch Apple Watch Sport. He says he is extremely excited to try out all the new features, such as the quick text reply or phone calls. Barker also thinks browsing the internet on your wrist would be “cool.”

Now it is up to you on which to buy, or to buy it at all. Keep in mind that this accessory is priced higher than most phones on contract, and must be linked with your phone to run most applications. Keeping it connected will also drain your phone’s battery, which is already an issue with many Apple phones. However, it’s an easy and quick-access way to get to notifications, or to maneuver your way around the traffic that usually blocks Warren Ave.