Artist of the Issue: Jacob Springer ’19


Rohan Jhunjhunwala

If you sing with Hugh Jackman, you definitely have a story to tell.

As a member of the Philadelphia Boys’ Choir, Malvern freshman Jacob Springer was presented with many great opportunities including singing with the famous Hugh Jackman, singing on “Good Morning America,” traveling to Carnegie Hall, and touring France.

“It was an amazing experience,” Springer said.


These opportunities were created because of Springer’s love for music.

“I really like music and spend a pretty good portion of time devoted to music,” Springer said. “It’s where I feel most comfortable.”

In addition to singing, Springer also plays the trumpet. While playing music, Springer enters a certain mindset.

“Musicians call it getting into the zone,” he said. “Usually it gets to a point where I end up not needing to count my rests.”

Springer feels a sense of utter comfort while playing music like that. However, he is careful to assure that counting rests is important.

This may be because both of his parents are music teachers. He credits his passion for music to them.

Springer has no one particular favorite musician, yet his favorite genre is jazz.

“I love so many jazz artists it’s impossible to pick one,” he said.

Just recently Springer auditioned for “Cadets2” an acclaimed drum core. He hopes to continue pursuing his love of music throughout his high school career.

Be sure to spot Springer at the next Malvern musical performance.