What You Missed – May 2-9, 2016


News Staff

Still recovering from prom? Here’s What You Missed.

[toggle title=”Judge says El Chapo able to be extradited for US trial” state=”close”]

A federal judge in Mexico has ruled that Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman can be extradited for trial in the United States on Monday, days after he was transferred to a prison in Ciudad Juarez on the US border.

The Mexican foreign ministry now has 20 days to approve the ruling. Guzman’s lawyers say that it is expected that he will be extradited to the US, as the Mexican government has granted all American extradition requests.

Guzman, the kingpin on the Sinaloa drug cartel, was arrested in February 2014 after a decade on the run by Mexican marines. He escaped from Altiplano maximum security prison in July 2015, but was recaptured in Sinaloa in January of this year.


[toggle title=”Donald Trump becomes presumptive nominee of GOP” state=”close”]

After both Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Ohio Governor John Kasich dropped out of the Republican primary, billionaire Donald Trump has become the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party.

Tuesday’s primary in Indiana was do or die for Cruz, who lost by close to 20 points. He suspended his campaign later that night, and Kasich dropped out the next day.

The result is a growing rift in the Republican Party as some line up to support Trump, while others have refused to endorse him or to even vote for him at all.


[toggle title=”PA Senate passes bill to alter school layoffs” state=”close”]

The Pennsylvania Senate voted 28-22 mostly among party lines to change the system of layoffs in Pennsylvania schools from seniority to performance-based criteria Monday.

The bill, which Democratic Governor Tom Wolf has pledged to veto, would target poorer performing teachers for layoffs instead of the newest employees. It also allows for layoffs to be for economic reasons, which is not currently allowed under state law.

The bill passed the House in June 100-91, with not one Democratic vote. Only one Democrat voted for the bill on Monday: Senator Anthony Williams of Philadelphia.


[toggle title=”Philadelphia Streets Commissioner arrested for assault” state=”close”]

Donald Carlton, the Streets Commissioner for Philadelphia, was arrested Friday on charges that he punched an unidentified man multiple times in the face in December.

Mayor Jim Kenney has placed Carlton on unpaid leave for the time being, and Deputy Streets Commissioner Mike Carroll will serve as acting Streets Commissioner.

The victim, who remains unidentified, suffered a fractured rib and bruised eye, DA spokesman Cameron Kline said.