Looking for a local hot band?

James Canuso

There are a lot of different things that teenagers will think to do these days on the weekend. However, many think about attending a gig for a good time – or maybe not enough. In my opinion, going to one with your friends is one of the best things you can do on a Friday, Saturday, or even Sunday night. Also, it makes it all the better if its a great band like the GoAround.

The GoAround is an alternative rock band from West Chester, PA. The two main members of the band are brothers Alexander and Anthony Saddic, who write all of the music. The people who make up the “back up band” for when they play shows aren’t always the same.

I was first introduced to the GoAround on August 17th, when my own band, June Chimera, appeared at a multiple band show at Chaplain’s Cafe in Spring City. We were the first act, and they were the second. I got a small preview of them in soundcheck, and one little soundcheck was all it took to tell me that they were going to be good, so I wanted to stay for their performance.

As they came on stage with their setup of an acoustic guitar, keyboard, backup electric guitar, and drums and went through their set made up of all original songs, I was mesmerized by their musical quality, songwriting skill, and talent. It didn’t even matter that they were missing a key instrument.

“We are missing our bass player tonight, so we’re kind of doing an acoustic thing.” When Alex Saddic said this in the middle of the set, I was amazed. These weren’t even the original versions of the songs, and they still found a way to make them sound great.

The GoAround has recorded two albums, one of which was on display for sale at Chaplain’s. It is called Restating the Question. To give you a sense of how good of musicians these two brothers are, all of the instruments on the album were recorded by them.  The complexity mixed with the musical flow of the songs is absolutely outstanding and well put together.

The GoAround has no booked shows right now, but you can find them on Facebook and ReverbNation to check up on them and see if they have any new booked gigs.