Enforcers of Values: Malvern Prep’s Middle School Teachers Help Students Build their Futures

The Teachers are the Building blocks to our Success.


Liam Matlack ‘28, Contributor

The middle school teachers of Malvern Prep all try to encompass the values of truth, unity, and love. Throughout the first term of the 2022-2023 school year, they gladly answered questions about how they form relationships. Building relationships is so important because at other schools, the middle school teachers are often only focused on teaching the curriculum without connecting with students.

A group of teachers was asked, “What do you enjoy most about teaching at Malvern?” all of the teachers had different thoughts about the question. 

Ms. Lang, the 6th and 7th grade Math teacher, responded,“ The people, both students and adults.” 

Mr. Swope, the 6th and 7th grade History teacher, replied, “The interactions and relationships with colleagues and students. Colleagues are genuinely good and passionate professionals, along with the students having an openness, willingness and eagerness to learn… I love this!”

Ms. Deckert, the 6th and 7th grade English teacher, stated, “When you are teaching at Malvern, you are also teaching the Augustinian values: truth, love, and unity. As an educator, it has been rewarding to see how many young boys aim to emulate these values on a daily basis. If there is one thing that sets Malvern apart from any other school, it is their Friar brotherhood that they mold where a true sense of community is fostered.” 

When asked the question “How do you form a relationship with your students?” Ms. Lang replied, “I love listening to what students have to share and I try to create a welcoming environment in whatever space I am in so students feel comfortable coming to ask for help or talk.”Mr. Swope had his own beliefs, which included, “I’m a ‘Big Kid’ sometimes and I enjoy learning, laughing, and having fun with students; ultimately I want students to learn about the past/present of our country and our world. I want each young man to be challenged to think critically, ask questions, and take responsibility for their own learning. And I want each student to have fun in the process.”

Ms. Deckert had a different angle of approach on this question and said, “Forming relationships with students is the #1 goal. There is a buy-in process and that begins with showing the students that you care, you are there for them, and you are human. In my years of teaching, sharing small details about my life or experiences helps us to connect on a more meaningful level.”

Ms. Lang always has a smile on her face and is energetic. Ms. Deckert is always upbeat and tries to make jokes with students. Mr. Swope tries to always have an informative class, but incorporates fun and energy during his teaching.  

Overall, the teachers have their own beliefs and different perspectives. They all had multiple ways of making an impact on a students’ lives through their ways of teaching.