Drew Kennedy – Commitment Corner

Varsity baseball player, Drew Kennedy, commits to The University of Tampa to further his talents and continue his baseball career.

Similar to other athletes, Kennedy’s recruitment process was uplifting and well-constructed from the beginning. He held his head high and let his love for the game of baseball guide his heart in the right direction.  

“My commitment process was tough, rewarding, and a great learning experience. Throughout my journey, I met so many people along the way and learned so much that ultimately led me to make my decision” Kennedy said.

An allure of balanced academics, a top-tier division II baseball program, and supportive coaches was Kennedy’s main attraction to Tampa. 

“I talked to many different schools and decided between a few great schools like Michigan, Virginia Tech, and Tampa. In the end, Tampa is the best opportunity for me and my career,” Kennedy stated.

“Tampa just felt like home when I went there and it wasn’t just the campus that made me feel that way but it was the people too. I love all the coaches there and the players were very welcoming. The Tampa team has a long line of success, with our ranking this year being No.3 in the country, so being able to be a part of the program is truly a blessing” Kennedy stated. 

With Kennedy’s mother right by his side, he gained insight and guidance throughout his entire recruitment process. She was his main advocate for his final decision. 

“I am very fortunate that I have an amazing mother who was with me every step of the process, whether it was analyzing video, communicating, and just always being there throughout the entire thing. I’m also grateful I have had an agent representing me with a lot of good information, advice, and guidance” Kennedy said.

Kennedy’s recommendation for youthful athletes is to discover their hobbies and lifestyles and pursue what passions fit them best. 

“My goals going forward are to compete for a starting job and learn more about myself academically, athletically, and all other facets of life in a different environment like Tampa. It’s a wonderful opportunity that I have and I can’t wait to explore it. Although what really matters is the opportunity, the supportiveness of the program to your endeavors, and being wanted by a school, not just one of many. Which, as I said, is what really drew me to Tampa,” Kennedy said.