Owen Dietrich – Commitment Corner

Owen Dietrich, a senior, has recently committed to Duquesne University to continue his football and academic career.

Dietrich’s recruiting process started heating up this past summer when he attended camp with some of the premier college football programs. According to Dietrich, the process at Malvern differed from his past school Unionville.


“…definitely more opportunities to talk to coaches. There are coaches at Saturday morning lifts, spring practices [at Malvern]…” stated Dietrich.


A recurring word in Dietrich’s vocabulary was “opportunity.” He is grateful to the man he deemed responsible for these opportunities, Coach Gueriera, and named him as the most influential person in this process.


“Coach Gueriera really helped me out with this process… in terms of just getting my name out there, he was vital”.


There were plenty of driving factors for Dietrich to take his talent to Duquesne. However, he weighed his decision in two camps, from both an academic and athletic standpoint. 


“I really liked the school academically, size-wise, and especially the programs (majors) they had to offer…I came across them on Twitter a lot and realized this was a target school for me.”


Dietrich had to decide between other football programs, such as Catholic and Franklin and Marshall. However, Duquesne is a step up, as they will see the likes of West Virginia University and Coastal Carolina in their 2023 season.


To wrap up this interview, Dietrich left a younger Friar with his advice on the recruiting process: to use social media to your advantage in this new world of recruiting. 


“What I didn’t do as well as I should’ve was just trying to get my name out there as much as I could.  Just like through Twitter, DM the coaches out there.”