Yaahdir Nash – Commitment Corner

Senior Running Back and Football captain, Yaahdir Nash, has committed to Fordham University to continue his academic and athletic career.

After a fantastic first four years of football, Yaahdir Nash has recently committed to Fordham University to continue to play football. 


“It was a long process, especially because I waited to finish my senior season to commit…I really had my eye on Fordham for a while and that was definitely my number 1 landing spot,” Nash said.


Throughout his recruiting process, Nash expressed that his family was his biggest supporter as well as his Malvern brothers who always picked him up when he was down. 


“All my friends at Malvern definitely played a huge role for me to keep going even when things were not looking good at times, so I hold a special place for my brothers just for being there for me.”


Nash, who had an impressive season last year, had high expectations coming into this year, not only as a player but also in a new role: a leader.


“Coming into this year I definitely set some expectations for myself,” Nash said. “ I knew what I wanted to achieve as a player, but I had to set new standards for myself as I was going to become a leader of this team,” Nash said. “Malvern football’s all about culture, the brotherhood that sparks when you are going to war every weekend is unexplainable, and I had a job to keep that brotherhood going,” Nash said. 


With the process being over, Nash shares some wise words and wisdom with those who too are just starting their own journey.


“God has a plan and it’s all gonna work out. Even though sometimes it seems pretty crazy and things seem like they’re not going the way you want. It’s all gonna shake out as long as you keep putting the work in,” Nash said. 


Looking into the future, Nash has already set some goals for himself for the upcoming football season. 


“I want to make a name for myself the second I step on campus,” Nash said. “I have never been the type of person who doesn’t want to compete, so I’m going to make my competition work for their spot. I’m not just going to roll over and give it to them,” Nash exclaimed.


With Malvern football being over and all the seniors leaving for good now, handing the keys over to the current juniors is something Nash feels really good about.


“There’s just a lot of great players but even better dudes that are going to fill the seniors’ role,” Nash said. “I am confident and excited to see where this team will go next year, they know what their job is and what is expected of them,” Nash said.


Fordham is lucky to have a great athlete and an even better young man in Yaahdir Nash.