Preparing Students for Life

Malvern’s Middle School is unique due to its environment.


During the school year, Malvern Prep’s Middle School prepares students for life in high school and even for life beyond their days at Malvern. Malvern develops relationships and helps students embody our core values of truth, unity and love. To me, this is what separates Malvern from other private and public schools.

Since being founded in 1842, Malvern Prep has been distinct when being talked with other schools. 8th and 9th grade English teacher Ms. DePiero stated, “The all-boys and faith-based environment separates Malvern from other schools in the area. Most other all boys’ schools don’t have a faith-based program. Our school is different from others because of the unity that comes from the Augustinian environment.”

Another thing that separates Malvern is all the fun activities and opportunities. “My favorite part of Malvern is how it’s easy to get to know your students on a personal level and it’s easy to form a strong bond with my students and athletes because of how much time we spend together. The culture forms a connection between students and teachers, so it allows you to learn from each other.” said Ms. DePiero. 

7th grader Carson Andronowitz added to this by saying, “My favorite part is the independence I get at Malvern. I love being able to walk to different classes and I think it helps me to prepare for life along the line.”

Sometimes people might not like the differences between Malvern and other public schools, but most students and teachers at Malvern enjoy how different our beloved school is. Carson Andronowitz stated, “I love how different Malvern is  because there are so many students and you can form so many different relationships with other students.”

Ms. DePiero added to this by saying, “I love the culture of independent schools and faith-based schools.”

Malvern has an enjoyable environment and it is very different from other schools in the area.