Middle School Spring Sports: Springing into Action

Middle School Spring Sports started on Monday March 13th 2023.


Spring sports are on the rise at Malvern Prep whether it’s baseball, lacrosse, tennis or track and field which started on March 13th. They bring the Malvern community together through Unitas, Caritas, and Veritas. 

Mr. Stewart, who is the athletic director at Malvern Prep offered a quote about success in Spring Sports, “We base success off the intangibles, not necessarily on wins and losses.” 

There were new hires for middle school sports. Mr. Stewart leaned into the new baseball coach, mentioning, “He would encompass the 3 core values of Malvern Prep.”

The 3 core values of Malvern Prep are Truth, Unity and Love. A coach having these values is very important because they embody a true leader.

When questioned about how he feels about the upcoming season for middle school. Mr. Stewart said, “I feel like they definitely have grown because they grow closer together by playing sports with each other.”

Spring sports are like a new beginning for the students at Malvern Prep because we get a week long spring break that allows the students to recharge.

When asked, Luke Hofmann said, “It’s good to have a break and be able to reset my mind before the spring sports start during the week long spring break.” 

Overall, spring sports are a great way to have basically one last celebration before transitioning into summer break. 

They create a hype atmosphere because the players spend so much time and energy into these sports, and winning a game truly fulfills their effort brought forth during the season.