Christmas gift-giving partnership transitions


Dan Malloy

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“It was fabulous, I think one of the best Christmas parties we ever had,” Director of Christian Service Lawrence Legner said. “The entire day embodied exactly what Christmas should feel like.” 

This party took place on Sunday when the students from St. Patrick’s Parish in Norristiown came to campus and met with Malvern students and those from Notre Dame. 

“The students were great with the children and helped escort them to all the day’s activities,” Legner said. “The kids were so appreciative and happy just to get to talk to them.”

“This is something these children will never forget. This hospitality and giving is something not experienced in Norristown,” Sister Marie, the director of religious education at St. Pat’s said. “The children were excited to just get on the bus.”

Legner touched on the fact that most of the students had never been on a bus. let a lot a bus heading to Malvern.

The children’s gratitude will continue all the way to Christmas morning when they open the presents Malvern students sent in for them.

“Usually, Christmas is about giving and not receiving,” Legner said. “But on this fabulous day I received great joy from the smile on the children’s faces. That was my Christmas present and reward for a great day of service.”
Tyler Pizzico


After Malvern parted ways with Best Nest, a new organization will take its place for the annual Christmas party.

The social services organization Best Nest, with whom Malvern has partnered with for many years, will no longer be involved with the Christmas party and gift giving this year.

Director of Christian Service Mr. Larry Legner explains the change.

“[Best Nest] was taken over by a corporation,” Legner said. “Instead of being in one building, their workers were now spread across the city at different locations and the resources were spread too thin to do another party.”

Legner was sorry to see the the partnership end.

“It didn’t have to do with them being unhappy with us,” Legner said. “We were very sad when we had to break since we were together for so many years.”

The show will go on, however. This year, Malvern is partnering with another organization, St. Patrick’s Parish in Norristown, to have a Christmas party with second grade students on Sunday, Dec. 13, according to Legner.

St. Patrick’s Parish has many poor migrant farmer members and has mostly Hispanic members. According to an email Legner sent to parents, last year the pastor baptized more than 300 children of various ages. More than 500 children are enrolled in CCD.

“We were very grateful for the invitation,” said Sister Marie Horstmann, St. Patrick’s Director of Religious Education. “Our kids never get to do anything like this.”

Sister Marie described how she thinks the partnership will go.

“We will have to see how Sunday goes.” Sister Marie said. “Then we will decide if we want to do it again.”

“Our kids are very excited.” Sister Marie said. “It will be a good experience for them to see the campus, and to experience the kindness of young people.”

Photos of Christmas Party on Dec. 13 by Dan Malloy’18