Presidential connection inspires promposal


Tyler Pizzico

After the time of his life, Antonio Pizzico ‘17 is dying to pop the question.

After the Gatsby-inspired Villa Maria prom on April 15th, an obnoxious name tag discrepancy and a stolen ice cream sundae, a certain junior is anxiously awaiting May 7th.

“I always knew who I was going to ask, I just didn’t know how to ask her,”  Pizzico said. “I just didn’t want to blow it.”

Well yeah, that’s every guy…..right? Alright enough excuses, Antonio.

At first, Pizzico contemplated doing something with bowling, but he remembered how the night in December had went.

“After that awkward night, I’ve lost all of my passion for the sport,” Pizzico said. “But it wasn’t all bad. I got to talk to her for the first time.”

The next idea was to play her something on the violin.

“Yeah I dig violins,” Pizzico said. “But I’d probably have to be able to play to do something like that, you know.”

Maybe moving past the violin idea wasn’t a bad idea. Pizzico’s classmates started to get annoyed.

“If he played one more violin cover song at study hall, I was going to break his phone,” junior Marc Nowlan said.  

Something with Oreos? No, he’d never be able to share those. Many more ideas like this came and went in a similar fashion.  

“This kid couldn’t stop thinking about it,” junior Luke Matzke said. “Some car rides he literally didn’t talk for an hour.”

Battling through much internal deliberation, a certain moment gave Pizzico the best idea yet.

“I had just written an article about Hillary Clinton running for president and I was talking to her about it,” Pizzico said. “I thought to myself ‘Woah, Clinton’s running for president but here’s a president right in front of me. Pretty cool stuff.’”

After that conversation, it hit him. He had the perfect idea. He was going to use his outstandi… mediocre writing skills to ask her.

So what do you say Maddie, will you go to prom with me? I BETTS we’ll have a great time!