Cullen Lotz ’23 Commits to Play Lacrosse at Catholic University

Cullen Lotz, a senior, has recently committed to the Catholic University of America for lacrosse.


The recruiting process for Lotz began September 1 of his junior year. After catching the eyes of coaches on the field, Lotz began a dialogue with some schools.


“…the process pretty much is you play and coaches come and watch your games. Like any other sport, [coaches] sit on the sidelines and watch [games] and then when that September one hits, that is when [coaches] can talk to you,” Lotz said.


Lucky for Lotz, Catholic wasn’t the only school vying for him, Franklin and Marshall, Gettysburg, Dickinson, Washington and Lee all wanted Lotz. But, when asked about who his biggest influence was in the recruiting process, Lotz talked about Catholic’s Coach Sax.


“I’m going to say Coach Sax. He’s the head coach of Catholic’s Lacrosse Team. He’s a very genuine guy, very relaxed. He is a big people’s person. He cares. He cares a lot about the character, like the characteristics of his team and if we’re good guys on and off the field,” Lotz said.


When choosing his school, Lotz felt Catholic University checked all of his boxes. 


“…the DC area, it’s a great city because I wanted to come to a city school. I always kind of liked the idea of playing D3,” Lotz says. “I like the smaller class sizes so you get more focus from teachers, but I kind of liked being around a lot of people. So with Catholic, there’s six thousand or six and a half thousand kids compared to like a two or three thousand occupancy school,” Lotz said.


As for his future goals at Catholic, Lotz is looking to make the most of his opportunities in and out of the classroom.


“I want to make an impact right away…I want to just be looked at as a leader… make an indent on the team and make a good first impression,” Lotz said. 


While looking back on his past goals, and looking ahead to his future he wants to inspire any young Friars. 


“Stay focused, and don’t give in to peer pressure. You’re going to see a bunch of guys getting calls, texts and emails and whatever and whatnot. Your time will come, just keep working and keep practicing,” Cullen said.