Spencers Barnhart ‘23 commits to University of Pennsylvania to further his wrestling career.

Senior wrestler and Malvern Friar Spencer Barnhart has decided to take his wrestling talents to University of Pennsylvania for the next four years.


When choosing his future school, Barnhart wanted to keep his options open which demanded a lot of time, but he was persistent in his search to find the right school.


“My commitment process was difficult and tasking but at the same time, it was enjoyable and exciting. Also, my commitment process took lots of hard thinking and many tough conversations,” Barnhart stated.


Barnhart’s tenacity and commitment to the sport of wrestling along with the support of his family and friends ultimately helped Barnhart with his recruitment process. 


“My family, especially my parents, helped me the most during the commitment process. My parents helped me narrow down my choices and talked with me about what the best option for me could have been. Also, my coaches helped me by giving me the opportunity to meet with some college coaches I was talking to,” Barnhart said.


Allured by the balance of the challenging academics, a top-tier wrestling program, and being within a close proximity to the school, Barnhart’s goal since middle school was becoming his own reality. 


“I choose the University of Pennsylvania because I believe it is the best opportunity for me to achieve academically and athletically. Also, I have been in and out of the University of Penn wrestling room since I was in middle school, so it just felt like Penn was the school I needed to be at. I narrowed it down to the University of Penn because it’s not too far from where I live and it has a very good wrestling team and future. Also, the coaches at Penn did a great job communicating with me and showing why Penn was the place to be,” Barnhart stated.


Spencer’s dedication to pursue the sport of wrestling helped him lay out a set of goals for his future at UPenn. He made it clear that academics should always be kept on the same level as his athletic goals. He wants to leave a legacy for the Penn Wrestling Program. 


“The goal I have going forward in college is to be the best student/athlete I can be. Also, my goals going forward is to be a leader for the wrestling team and give the team the best chance at success by myself doing my part and competing well,” Barhnart said.


Spencer’s ultimate advice for younger athletes is to find their interest in life with confidence and pursue whatever passions fits them best. 


“The advice I have for younger athletes is to stay focused and keep on better every day. Also, that there will always be highs and lows but the highs will always outweigh the lows. One last piece of advice is to always play/do something with confidence and to always be ready or prepared when it is your time,” Barnhart stated.