Commitment Corner: Ennis Udo

Junior, Ennis Udo, has committed ton Brown University to further continue his academic and athletic career.

After a fantastic first two years of lacrosse and a great three years of football. Attackman and Defensive end, Ennis Udo has recently committed to Brown University to play football and lacrosse.


“It was a long and pretty crazy process,” Udo said. “It was different for me because I had to look at lacrosse and football, which was also kind of difficult. And I ended up making the decision I made, in part because I could do both there, which was a big factor.”


Throughout this process, Udo admitted that his family was the main source of support. as well as the Malvern coaching staff for both football and lacrosse, who helped get his name out there.


“Definitely my parents and God, My parents helped me through every step of the way. They guided me through the process, and always going back to God guiding me for his plan as well and also Coach Mackrides, Coach McEvoy and Coach G,” Udo shared.


Ennis being an elite dual-threat athlete, coaches from all over the country wanted his attention from the second they saw him playing. When asked why he chose Brown? He said,


“When I went up on my visit to Brown and I was looking around and talking to the guys talking to the coaches, it really reminded me a lot of Malvern,” Udo explained. “I noticed that both teams had a really special bond, and we’re really close with each other. They seemed like they just enjoyed being there every day, which was awesome. The coaches were great guys, people that will push me and get me better,” Udo said.


Coming from a family of six, Ennis has always had foundational support from his family to lean back on. Coming to Malvern also introduced him to some new people to put his trust in. 


“Coach G and Coach Mackrides definitely were huge figures in my process, because they’ve had guys go through the same process I went through, not only with one sport, but two, and then also Coach Mackrides went through the process himself, so he knows, but they did a really good job,” Udo shared. “Helping guide me through it, telling me what to say to coaches, how to talk to coaches, all that type of stuff, and even talking to coaches for me, speaking highly of me, which was really nice to them.”


Now that the process is completed, Udo looks back and shares some advice and wisdom with others as they too begin their commitment process.


“God has a plan and it’s all gonna work out. Even though sometimes it seems pretty crazy and things seem like they’re not going the way you want. It’s all gonna shake out as long as you keep putting the work in,” Udo said. 


Now that Udo just finished up a successful third year of football, he definitely has some goals for the upcoming lacrosse season.


“We got a great group of guys coming back, A lot of guys that have a lot of experience from last year, returning to get major minutes this year. Our goal is to win an Inter-Ac championship. So that’s what we plan to do and whatever it takes to get there,” Udo said.


We wish Ennis good luck with his sports seasons ahead and hope Brown recognizes how lucky they are to have scored not just a great athlete, but more importantly a great young man.